Our Values

Our Values

Jewish Hebrew Tradition Liberation

We re-imagine and re-interpret Judaism to embody a legacy of women's work rooted in ancient Hebrew and pre-Rabbinic practice. Many of our projects and rituals are designed to support and resource Jews currently oppressed by or disconnected from modern Judaism.

Honoring Earth

We honor the earth cycles and seek to connect ritual to the season and land. We are allies with those who work for ecological justice.

Sovereign Bodies

We support gender, sexual, and reproductive justice. Our work seeks to dismantle systems of colonization. We recognize and honor each of our own particular lineages, and recognize the original inhabitants of the land on which we live and work. [We encourage individuals and businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area to contribute to the Shuumi Land Tax.]


We engage in creative practice—art, culture creation, and healing work in all its forms—as a spiritual practice integral to social change. We create in service to personal, communal, and planetary wellness.

Sustainability & Accessibility

We strive to make our work sustainable. In recognition of the long history of undervaluing women’s labor, we are committed to requesting and receiving just compensation for our work. In this way we also empower ourselves to offer our life energy to marginalized communities impacted by systemic oppression.


We operate in a shared leadership model based in respect, professionalism, mutual support and cooperation. When appropriate and possible, we refer clients or communities to each other within the Kehunah, and seek to promote and amplify each other’s work. We offer skill shares to each other on various topics of professional development. Our collective is based on rotation of leadership, respect for each role, and a desire for common unity.


Banner photo credit: Marni Ashirah