Shamirah Chandler


Protector of Choice Fountain of Calling
שמירה בחירה עין הקריאה


Kohenet Shamirah Bechirah (Sarah Chandler) is a guardian of sacred texts, a weaver of earth-based rituals, and a visionary of modern Judaism. Rooted in tradition, she radically reignites the divine relationship for a contemporary integrated Jewish life. With compassion for all life, she renews ancient texts through adventure, spirit, and personal empowerment. Witnessing the source of life as interconnectedness of being, she co-creates, reveals, and enlightens in relationship with all that dances across her path. Whether you ask for a reading, a blessing, or simply space to listen, her presence will warm your soul and bring you peace.

Ordained as a Kohenet in 2015, she is a Jewish experiential educator, community activist, and earth-based spiritual leader. She recently served as the Director of Earth Based Spiritual Practice for Hazon’s Adamah Farm, where she was responsible for Food, Farm, and Forest Jewish Educational Programming. Currently she is the CCO (Chief Compassion Officer) and team leader at JIFA (Jewish Initiative For Animals) where she supports  Jewish institutions to establish meaningful food policies rooted in Jewish ethics and animal welfare.

She holds an MA in Jewish Education and an MA in Hebrew Bible from the Jewish Theological Seminary, and a certificate in Non-Profit Management and Jewish Communal Leadership from Columbia University. She teaches, writes, and consults on a national level on issues related to Judaism, earth-based spiritual practice, the environment, mindfulness, food values, and farming. Shamirah is studying as a shamanic healer apprentice at The Wisdom School of S.O.P.H.I.A.


Earth-based rituals including baby namings; Bar/Bat/B'nai Mitzvah services; Hebrew name selection; weddings, divorce, or preparation for separation; Shabbat worship; rituals that support compassionate animal slaughter; personalized rituals (getting over an ex-partner, job seeking empowerment, healing from trauma).


Brooklyn, New York. Available to work remotely and travel.



Praise for Shamirah

Shamirah is a Torah teacher and environmental educator who innovates and inspires. Sarah is also an extraordinary innovator of Jewish ritual. Sarah has vision, enthusiasm, and wisdom. She is a gift to our generation.
— Rav Kohenet Rabbi Dr. Jill Hammer
Kohenet Shamirah holding the Torah while the father of a Bar Mitzvah reads from the scroll. Photo Credit: Rebecca Bloomfield

Kohenet Shamirah holding the Torah while the father of a Bar Mitzvah reads from the scroll. Photo Credit: Rebecca Bloomfield

Shamirah IS the party, the chevre, the party planner, and the Rosh Ritual. Earth based to her core, she is devout to her people, to healthy living, and a healthy planet. She brings a super playful yet lazer sharp focus to her tasks and dream-like visions. How does someone live fully in the present while simultaneously using riches from an ancient past to inspire a forward moving consciousness? That’s Shamirah.
— Rabbi Ezra Weinberg
Shamirah is a master of the ceremonial arts and a great teacher. Her deep knowledge of the Jewish tradition roots her work and her creative collaborative spirit allows her to soar! The Bar Mitzvah she performed for/with our son was a powerful public ancient/modern ritual that perfectly reflected our values and engaged our community in beautiful ways.
— Dr. Shamu Sadeh
Shamirah combines great knowledge and passion with the skill, creativity, and sensitivity of a gifted educator. She loves life and imparts a spirit of adventure, engagement, and fun to everything she does. She was my student at the Jewish Mindfulness Teacher Training, and I continually marveled at her ability to articulate the relationship between the natural world, our minds and spirits, and Jewish traditional texts and teachings. Shamirah is an activist in the sense of her willingness to see things in new ways and to risk acting to make her dreams into realities.
— Rabbi Sheila Weinberg
Photo credit: Gabe Kirchheimer

Photo credit: Gabe Kirchheimer

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