Rachel Rose Reid

Rachel rose reid

Witness to the Deep, Gatherer of Scattered Sparks
שומעת תהום אוספת ניצוצות 


Rachel Rose Reid was raised with a love of family folk traditions and rituals. Her work encompasses storytelling, song, community activism, and ritual facilitation. She is a founding resident of Moishe House London. Her priority there was to welcome those who felt marginalized by mainstream communities and to form collaborations with local groups and campaigns. Rachel has taken her storytelling and ritual facilitation to Sukkat Shalom (now Milk + Honey) at Burning Man, Limmud NY, and Wilderness Torah. She has co-created opportunities and spaces for contemplative earth-based spiritual practice in the Jewish community in the UK. She was a co-caretaker of Grassroots Jews 2016; in that role she focused on integrating spirituality, conscious communication, and emotional wellbeing into the organizational model of a volunteer-run community. 

In a wider community her Willesden Green Wassail has been praised by the Lonely Planet as one of the UK's most inspiring winter events, bringing together an ancient English folk custom with a multicultural city neighborhood. The Cena de los Muertos, created with Pablo Villierezz, enables participants, in a warm and safe Seder-style meal, to share stories about those who have died. Rachel is a student Soul Midwife and is affiliated with the Fellowship of Independent Celebrants.


Jewish and Jewish-inspired ritual for individuals, allowing your ancestry/chosen ancestry to meet you in your life cycle and mark moments that matter to you; community study, prayer, and consultation in embodied prayer and meditation sessions, through song, liturgy, silence and chanting; workshops exploring the lesser known histories of Jewish women, or of Judaism's relationships with the Feminine Divine; consultation on communal engagement and outreach, building the bridge between personal lifecycle rituals and the rest of community life.


London, England. Available to work remotely.