Marni Ashirah

Marni ashirah

Wise-Hearted Woman
אשה חכמת לב


Marni Ashirah is an artist specializing in translating and designing pieces based on Torah and Jewish sacred literature, with an eye towards highlighting these aspects of the divine: presence beyond gender, the feminine divine, and connection to earth and her cycles. Her priestess name, Isha Chachmat Lev (Wise-Hearted Woman) is inspired by Sh'mot/Exodus 35:25, in which "all the women that were wise-hearted" created the mishkan (dwelling-place) which would be the portable temple for Shekhinah (Holy Presence) during the people's wanderings. As an artist, Marni Ashirah creates portable pieces for your own mishkan/home.

Marni Ashirah is the creator of the book, Midwifing the Ritual: Reflections on Spiritual Leadership from Kohenet Hebrew Priestesses. For anyone who leads religious or spiritual services, Midwifing the Ritual offers wise and heartfelt support from women who specialize in earth-based, creative, feminist, and embodied ritual that is grounded in Jewish tradition. Order a copy here. 


Torah translations and graphic design pieces for decor, shivitim, siddurim, haggadot, and personalized use. See website for downloadable pieces.