Elsa Asher

Elsa Asher

Listener at the Gates
מאזינה השער


Elsa is a somatic therapy and trauma healing practitioner with a speciality in prenatal, birth and attachment therapy; Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist; Ancestral Medicine practitioner; Narrative Medicine educator; and full-spectrum doula at Prenatal Birth & Attachment Clinic, where Elsa is a Co-Founder and Executive Director. Elsa also teaches and consults on queer/trans pregnancy, birth and parenting at Birthing Beyond the Binary. Elsa also is a web designer and business consultant at UnchartedArts.

Elsa holds a MS degree in Narrative Medicine from Columbia University and a BA in Healing and Humanities from Antioch University Seattle and New School University. Elsa is a Certified DONA Doula, a graduate of the Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology 700-Hour Practitioner Training at Kutenai Institute, and a graduate of the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy 700-Hour Practitioner Training at the Colorado School of Energy Studies. Elsa currently teaches Narrative Medicine at Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine and in the Narrative Medicine program at Columbia University.

Elsa's people are Hebrew people from Ukraine, Turkey, Spain, and the land that is now known as Israel/Palestine, Sami from Northern Scandinavia, English, Scot-Irish, and native to the Southeast of Turtle Island/USA.


Somatic therapy, trauma healing, Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy, and Ancestral Medicine sessions; web design and business consultations (i.e. developing your work as an expression of your purpose); childbirth preparation, including preconception, fertility, pregnancy, and birth preparation; rituals for baby naming, pregnancy loss, abortion, illness, healing, rites of passage, weddings, uncoupling ceremonies, funerals and other life cycle experiences. Elsa is also a trained mikvah immersion guide.


San Francisco Bay Area, California. Available to work remotely and travel.


(210) 413-5029

elsa asher kehunah


“Dance is the breath made visible.” - Anna Halprin

In this project I make visible the experience that is at the heart of life: how we come into form as human beings. This process of life beginning unfolds in the unseen realm, inside a parent’s body. The very body you are right now is the exact same body that was formed inside your parent’s body, the very same body that passed through their cervix and vagina, or out of the side of their uterus. The film is a meditation on the journey of coming from vastness to form, as I utilize my body as a tool of expression to inhabit and make visible the movements of my experience of preconception through early childhood. 

The video was filmed and edited by Cedar Ranney. Special thanks to Benh Zeitlin and Dan Romer, creators of the score of Beasts of the Southern Wild, whose archetypal music inspired this work. Special thanks also to Chanti Smith and Myrna Martin for their consultation and support.