Marni Ashirah Rothman

Marni Ashirah Rothman

Wise-Hearted Woman
אשה חכמת לב


Marni Ashirah is an artist and priestess, educated at Smith College, California Institute of Integral Studies, Dublin Gestalt Institute, and Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute. She has lived in New York and Ireland, and she currently dwells in Berkeley, California. Her priestess name, Isha Chachmat Lev (Wise-Hearted Woman), comes from the TANKH story (Sh'mot/Exodus 35:25), in which "all the women that were wise-hearted did spin with their hands, and brought that which they had spun: the blue, and the purple, the scarlet, and the fine linen" to create the mishkan (dwelling-place) which would be the portable house for Shekhinah (She-Who-Dwells/Holy Presence) during the people's wanderings. Marni Ashirah specializes in creating a mishkan wherever she goes: a moving dwelling for peace, healing, prayer, and celebration; a place to contemplate the numinous and to connect with Earth. She claims as her ancestresses the wise-hearted women of the past who wove, knitted, and crafted; all the potters, sculptors, midwives, and herbal healers; the listeners; the speakers for justice. Marni Ashirah walks in the footsteps of these wise-hearted women while integrating the knowledge of our times.

She offers dreamwork to help seekers explore their dream world. In these sessions Marni guides seekers to explore the realms of story and the somatic. Dreamwork with Marni can access memories, archetypes, myths, the voices not usually heard in waking life, which all have messages for the seeker. In this journey through the dream world, Marni assists seekers to constructively receive the gifts of their dreams.

She is the editor of Midwifing the Ritual: Reflections on Spiritual Leadership from Kohenet Hebrew Priestesses. For anyone who leads religious or spiritual services, Midwifing the Ritual offers wise and heartfelt support from women who specialize in earth-based, creative, feminist, and embodied ritual that is grounded in Jewish tradition. Order a copy here. 


dreamwork; personalized ritual.